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Favora trademark history

By today, the trademark FAVORA has been in use for over 15 years. AS Favora was first registered at the Enterprise Department of the Tartu City Government on 26 October 1990. The fact that the Favora logo suggested by Arno Kalberg has retained its initial appearance without any changes up to this day is certainly worth mentioning.
Since 1990, companies operating under the Favora trademark have been engaged in various business activities (car service, trade, catering, language training, arrangement of car purchasing trips, transport, car sales and rental, retail sale and wholesale of oil products and liquid fuels).
Since August 2005, the Favora trademark is owned by AS Johnny, a company that has operated under the trademark since 1998. Today, the company’s main area of activity is retail sale and small-scale wholesale of car fuels, i.e. operating of the Favora filling station chain. We have reached the required stability, thoroughly reorganised fuel sales processes, and developed both our team and the filling station chain.
Favourable prices, friendly customer service, high-quality fuel, and satisfied and happy customers are all characteristic to Favora filling stations.
Fill up and buy stuff at favourable prices!

Last modification: 07.07.2017

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