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Credit Card

Why is Favora credit card handy?
The credit card:
• Ensures permanent fuel price discounts;
• Simplifies the work of your company’s bookkeeper, since you receive an invoice/report once or twice a month (as agreed) indicating where, how and for what has the credit card been used;
• Allows you to choose between different credit limits and establish a monthly limit to each card, thereby optimizing your company’s cost management;
• Allows you to make do without annoying cash transactions and the associated ’cheque collection frenzy’;
• Is safe, since all Favora customer cards are protected by personal identification codes (PIN);
• Allows you to concentrate on your work, since filling up takes place quickly and conveniently;
• The customer card is valid for 2 years and costs 50 kroons. There are no monthly card maintenance fees.

Choose the credit card best suitable for your company!
Favora credit cards offer various different possibilities

Gold Card 789699 2 8909 38903
No limits – you can pay for all fuels, goods and services.
Silver Card 789699 3 8909 38903
The so-called car card – you can pay for all fuels, car products (oils, chemical products, accessories, etc.) and car services (carwash, tire works, traffic insurance, vacuum cleaner, etc.).

Fuel Card 789699 4 8909 38903
You can pay for all types of fuel, incl. Diesel.

Diesel Card 789699 5 8909 38903
You can pay for Diesel fuel only.

Last modification: 07.07.2017

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